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Post by ladyanne101 on Wed Mar 14, 2012 2:13 am

With the help of my darling husband who is a moderator at his record forum ..he showed me where go to make the changes. I can usually figure things out..but that had me baffled as I looked but didn't see it. Thank you darling dear

Anyway..NOW..when you post AGAIN your signature should show up..if you use the file have to sign in with your email you used here and your pass word...and then you can browse your computer for the file..hit host it on bottom and then at the very bottom of the codes ..use the last one..copy it ..hit the button next to the one for the pictures..paste the code into that and bam you have a signature..(one looks like a photo and a save icon and the other looks like a little picture)

I posted in my signature what programs I use as well as what operating system I am on so that it is easier to help others when you can see what they use and visa versa...I am not telling you all to do is just another one of my um I know I have suggested a lot

Anyway ..time for me to go to bed..hugs everyone..until tomorrow..Anne Very Happy bounce bounce bounce bounce


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