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Introductions- Empty Introductions-

Post by manic724 on Tue Jul 12, 2011 12:30 am

Hi I am Susan I go By Screen Name Manic724.I am 51 years old Married to my exact Opposite for 33 yrs and have 2 Daughters who are a perfect combo of us.
Who have given us 3 beautiful Grandchildren That I think are exactly like their Mommas (lol) okay their Daddys too.Two boys and 1 Girl.
I used to do all kinds of DIY crafts I come from long line of Apalachian Kentucky Quilters and other crafts.Due to cervical disaster lost it all almost at once.
It was during this time I accidently ran across some Digital Scrapping Blogs and I mean accident because I didnt have a clue about it or even own a computer I was at Daughters house for weekend and saw them.
Hubby bought PC and I bought little at a time and its been little over year later and I have come through what could have been the worst time in my life with a new found passion ,Digital Scrapping and a way to show my love to my family again like I used to. By Giving gifts with that personal touch of leaving a part of yourself with everything you do that you can only get with digital scrapping and not going to Macys and buying them a gift.
I have met the most ammazing people in this community and I cant believe how giving they are I haven't met an unkind person yet. I have some new opportunitys
given me this past week and I hope to do the best job possible and to live up to the standards I have run across in this community.Hopefully if I need the help and advice along the way I won't wear out my welcome by being a newbie pest. Thankyoui


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